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Advocating For Dignity In Nursing Homes And Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are entrusted with the care of some of the most vulnerable members of our society. The majority of caregivers in these settings work tirelessly to provide quality care. However, sometimes things go wrong, often due to factors like understaffing, which can lead to neglect or abuse.

My name is Beau Howell, and I am a Georgia injury attorney dedicated to upholding the rights and dignity of our elders and ensuring they receive the respect and care they deserve. At my Valdosta office of Law Office of A.A. Howell, IV, LLC, you can find the guidance you deserve through your nursing home abuse claim. The first step in these claims is identifying if you have a claim on your hands.

How Can I Tell If My Loved One Was Neglected Or Abused In A Nursing Home?

Recognizing the signs of neglect or abuse can be challenging, but it’s essential for protecting your loved one. Neglect may manifest as poor personal hygiene, unattended health problems, or significant weight loss. Abuse can be physical, emotional, or financial, with signs ranging from unexplained injuries to sudden changes in mood or finances. If you suspect your loved one is suffering from abuse or neglect, act swiftly and meet with me to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved one.

Types Of Nursing Home Accidents

There are many different ways caretakers can cause a resident harm in a nursing home. Within nursing homes and assisted living facilities, various incidents can occur, often with serious consequences for residents:

  • Bedsores: Also known as pressure ulcers, bedsores can develop when a resident is not moved frequently enough. These painful injuries can lead to severe infections and are often a sign of neglect.
  • Falls: Elderly residents are at high risk of falls, which can be prevented with proper supervision and safety measures. A fall can lead to broken bones or worse, dramatically impacting a senior’s quality of life.
  • Medication errors: When residents are given incorrect medications or dosages, the results can be harmful or even fatal. Proper medication management is critical in these care settings.
  • Malnutrition and dehydration: These conditions can occur if residents are not provided with adequate nutrition and fluids, leading to a host of health problems.
  • Wandering and elopement: Residents with cognitive impairments are at risk of wandering away from the facility, which can lead to dangerous situations if not promptly addressed.
  • Resident-on-resident violence: Nursing home residents who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s and similar conditions may become violent and harm other residents.

When these or other incidents take place, I am prepared to help you through every step of the compensation process to hold the liable party accountable for the harm they caused your loved one.

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